An Introduction…

Greetings and hello! My name is Aaron Wilson, and I’m a want-a-be Wanderluster slash photographer. This site, Overland Image, is my effort into letting others see what I see. Be it by foot, wheels, water or air, I love to explore and I feel almost any expiriance can be an adventure in imagery.

I am born and raised in Southern California, am married to the most wonderful woman who allows me to do my exploration, and two daughters who tollerate it. Most of my early shots are with Canon SX1-IS so-called Pro-sumer camera. I recently aquired a Canon EOS 70D that I am very excited about, so most future shots will be with that. Additional images from iPhones and assorted other point & shoots may show up here and there. I will do my best to note the Cameras used in each story.

Overland Image is a mix of Overland, Expedition, and Adventure photography. Targeting nature, landscape, and wildlife in many different environments over my somewhat limited travels as of yet, and more in the future. You will see imagery from anything from hiking, to on and off road vehicle trips. Lakes, rivers and oceans, and in the air when I can manage it.

I hope you enjoy my photos and travels as much as I do!




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  • July 10, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    very cool, thanks for sharing your pictures and your experiences with us. Can’t wait to see more. Hopefully at some point can be a part of it again 🙂

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