Legacy Trip – Christmas Tree Pass

Shot with: Canon SX1-IS
Christmas Tree Pass

Just outside of Laughlin Nevada, can be found a plethora of off road adventure, and beautiful scenery. This trip encompassed an area just north of town on the Nevada side of the river called Christmas Tree Pass/Grapevine Canyon. The area is known for the trees at the peak of the pass that get decorated as Christmas Trees yearly. The area has a well preserved set of Native American Petroglyphs, that where dated as early as 1100AD. The outlying trails around the pass also have old ranches, an old cemetery and even a US Coast Guard station in the middle of nowhere. The Cost Guard station is an old LORAN (Long Range Aid to Navigation). I’m sad to say, the antenna array in my photos are apparently now removed. We ended the trip in Searchlight, NV, a quaint little old-west style town in the middle of nowhere.

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